Russia has all the factors to become a successful state of high prosperity and power: all the natural resources one could ask for, a highly educated multi-cultural population and a land mass which spans from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea. But it never turns out right, and the country has a perverted ability to destroy all positive perspectives. This time, after a period from 2000 when the oil price rose every year and gave Russia huge incomes, they had to screw it up again. It’s just like destruction are in the genes.

Instead of building a strong, prosperous state, which could become an economic and cultural superpower, the criminal leadership of the country decided to put all the eggs in the military basket in a weird attempt of restoring the so-called greatness of the Soviet era. Now, when the state is running out of money, military budgets are increased with huge sums every year. Health care, education, infrastructure, social welfare and culture are the sectors of the society which have to suffer.

The Russian economy compared to its enemies – USA and EU – is tiny, but  Putin & Co are nevertheless trying to surpass the West in military muscles, which now are being flexed all over Europe.

Even in terms of conventional weapons Russia is far behind its Western counterpart. But Russia had one ace up the sleeve – the arsenal of nuclear weapons. This card was played very early, actually one year ago, when the propaganda maniac Dmitry Kiselyov said on TV that Russia is able to turn USA into “radioactive dust”. Those were not his own words, but was in a manuscript carefully worked out by Vladislav Surkov, which again means official policy approved on the highest level. Later crazy guys like Sergey Markov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky have threatened Poland and the Baltic states with nuclear destruction.

The last time the ace was pulled out from the sleeve was when Putin in the documentary about the Anschluss of Crimea stated that he, in the preparations for the occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula, had considered using nuclear weapons if the resistance from Ukraine forces would have been much stronger.

Now the ace cannot be put back into the sleeve, it’s on the table. We know now that Russia will use these weapons of mass destruction, not in defending the country, but when occupying foreign territories. Only this statement should be enough to throw Russia out of the UN Security Council. Alas, not many Western leaders seem to have perceived this utmost grave threat to the world peace.