The so-called ceasefire is being violated every day, but not much attention is paid to that. While the world’s eyes are on Moscow and the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine have regrouped and received substantial supplies from the Motherland. Several trains have arrived in Donbas – even to Debaltseve – from Russia with heavy supplies of weapons and ammunition.

On March 3 the 17th convoy of inhuman aid arrived in Donetsk, Ukrainian border guards were of course not allowed to inspect it.

Konvoi jpeg

The shelling never did stop in Shyrokyne outside Mariupol, and several villages have been captured by Russian forces after the ceasefire was declared.

Russia has even established a military training field outside Donetsk/Luhansk, where fresh soldiers from all over Russia can get training in using heavy weapons. It seems that Moscow now considers the occupied territories as their own. In some parts, like Gorlivka, the Russian special services have started an ethnic cleansing. The socio-economic situation, however, is turning into a disaster – a development which doesn’t bother the cynical warlords very much.

The next step for the occupying power will be to create a big scale provocation which will give an opportunity to launch the next attack. As I have pointed out earlier, the next goal is bypassing and isolating Mariupol in order to prepare for taking the Crimean corridor. Meanwhile GRU and KGB/FSB are carrying out terrorist attacks in Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities. While some of the heaviest weapons allegedly are pulled back from the front, the economic and information warfare continues full-scale.

The West must start sending lethal weapons and experts right away. Due to the political impotence in Europe and, to a certain extent, in USA, this will most likely not happen.