Boris Nemtsov was one of the few brave voices in the Russian society. Friday night, February 27 at 23:31 Moscow time, he was gunned down by unknown assassins when walking home from a dinner in GUM at the Red Square.

Who killed him? There are endless speculations in the Russian and Western media now, some theories are quite plausible, others are just moronic. Many believe that the zombifying Russian TV is the main culprit, which through its spreading of hatred might have inspired some rogue elements to grab the guns and shoot Nemtsov in the back. Many claim that the killing could not have been done on Putin’s order: not even Putin is so stupid that he kills one of his political opponents right outside the Kremlin wall, on one of the most monitored spots in the Russian Federation.

It is quite naive to believe that Putin and his compatriots are not capable of staging such an assassination. They have done it several times before. This may have been a strong signal for other oppositionists to shut up or get the same treatment. Boris Nemtsov has revealed numerous cases of Kremlin corruption and stealing, and was about to publish material which proves Russian participation in Donbas.

Who pulled the trigger? That question is not the most important, although the crime bears resemblance of a Kadyrov style hit (as opposed to KGB/FSB, which prefer poison and inflecting heart attacks).

Hundreds of CCTV cameras caught the killing on tape. Only one so far is published (as shown in this analysis by, probably by mistake. It shows a Moscow city garbage cleaning vehicle (in the video the reporter is talking about a snow removal vehicle) stopping next to Nemtsov and his girlfriend. The killer seem to be riding on that cleaning vehicle, probably standing on the rails, then kill Nemtsov and run off in a getaway car which was approaching from behind. Judging by the video the assassination seems very well orchestrated, and many people are involved. It is strange that the actual killing is hidden by the vehicle, as if the killer team knew about the CCTV camera.

Right after the assassination Putin declared he will personally be in charge of the investigation. His first task was to clean the crime scene with a water hose.

Crime scene cleaning

It will be interesting to see how much footage from the CCTV cameras will be made public. My guess is not very many. If Kremlin doesn’t want to find the killers, then they will not be found.

The best eyewitness to the killing, Nemtsov’s Ukrainian girlfriend, was detained shortly after and is now being held at an undisclosed location.

Today, Sunday March 1, is a good opportunity for decent Russians to go out and join the mourning rally and show some decency. The deficit of decency has reached a critical level in today’s degenerated Russian society.